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Welcome to your senior year

An exciting stage to be sure, but a challenging time

to keep your balance and do your best work!

College advising with high school seniors involves regular, frequent meetings as we clarify your college list, organize priorities, complete applications, and work together on essays and personal statements.

This one-on-one support throughout the application process includes:

  • Weekly sessions throughout the Fall (until all applications are submitted)

    • Advice in creating a solid list of schools

    • Information regarding financial aid opportunities, both need-based and merit-based

    • Detailed guidance on the various types of applications

    • Help with creating and polishing a resume

    • Assistance in brainstorming and editing all personal statements

  • Extra meetings during Winter Break, if needed

  • Periodic meetings as needed during Spring Semester

    • Support for additional applications needed for scholarship competitions

    • Help in comparing offers and making enrollment decisions

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