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Grades 9 & 10

Really?!  I just got to High School!

There is an important balance for parents to consider for their 9th and 10th graders.  Even when thinking ahead to college applications, a student’s successful adjustment to the increased (and complicated) demands of high school is most important.  For many students, though, getting a relaxed start on the college search can lower the anxiety that often comes with junior year, and for those students we recommend getting started in 10th grade.

College Advising that begins in 10th grade involves monthly meetings, similar to those in 11th grade.  Beyond working to create a list of appropriate colleges, there is simply more time for conversation, exploration, test planning, and strategies to enhance applications.  

Perhaps the most important benefit of starting in 10th grade, however, is that the student develops an increased sense of ownership of the whole process, and can move into 11th grade with more confidence.  Contact us to learn more about starting early on the college application journey.

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