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It's Junior Year - time to get moving!

By starting your college application process in 11th grade or even earlier, you give yourself the time to carefully consider your options, research potential college matches well, and thoughtfully complete all of your applications.  You will have more time to talk with admissions representatives, visit colleges of interest, and learn about yourself and what might suit you best.

College advising that begins in junior year includes:

  • Monthly one-on-one sessions throughout 11th grade

    • Work to create a solid list of potential schools that “match” you socially, academically, and financially

    • Discuss strategies to enhance your applications

    • Create a plan for standardized testing

    • Begin college applications in the Spring of 11th grade

      • Detailed guidance on the various types of applications

      • Help with creating and polishing a resume

      • Assistance in brainstorming and editing all personal statements

      • Information regarding financial aid opportunities, both need-based and merit-based


  • Optional meetings - as often as weekly - during the summer before your senior year, to continue work on the application process


  • Weekly sessions in the Fall as needed, until all applications are submitted


  • Periodic meetings as needed during both Fall and Spring Semester

    • Support for additional applications needed for scholarship competitions

    • Help in comparing offers and making enrollment decisions


Parents:  There is no increased cost for starting early!  Contact us for details.

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