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Professional Guidance to an Outstanding Personal Statement


The Personal Statement (or “application essay”) is one of the most important pieces of your college application, and it is the place where you can share who you really are -- beyond grades, test scores, and lists of activities.

For many students, though, the personal statement is the most challenging piece of the college application. Invest in professional support by purchasing our Essay Guidance Package.

The flat fee of $550 includes:

  • Two individual sessions (in-person or virtual) with College Advisor Judy WIlliams, focusing on brainstorming, deciding what story to tell, and crafting a rough draft.

  • Three in-depth online reviews and video discussions of your personal statement with Writing Coach Kaylene Swenson, providing feedback and helping you to refine and polish your essay.

The essay prompts for The Common Application are released on April 1st; get an early start on your personal statement, and have it written and polished before school starts in August!

Online review sessions are accomplished by using Google Docs and Camtasia, a program that allows Kaylene to film a document on her computer screen while she edits and makes suggestions. This is an effective process because Kaylene can verbally explain a writer’s successes and areas that need improvement. Since the revision process can be tricky and difficult, these verbal explanations can be particularly helpful. Once Kaylene is finished reviewing the essay, she will send a link of the video to the writer so he or she can work through the video’s contents at his/her own pace. 

The Essay Guidance Package includes three review sessions with Kaylene, to help produce your best work!

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