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Great CTCL College Fair!

It was a rainy night in Chapel Hill last night, but it was definitely worth getting out for the "Colleges That Change Lives" Fair! For those who couldn't attend, here are a couple of bits of wisdom from Maria Furtado, the executive director of CTCL, Inc, who spoke at the event.

ON COLLEGE FIT: We all talk about "fit." Remember that you are looking for a college that is not only an academic fit for you, but also a personal fit, and a financial fit. Don't neglect any one of the three. They all matter.

ON "YOUR PEOPLE:" Think about the people in your network now. Where did you "find" them? Athletics? Church? Theater? Activism? Scouting? Now look at the college that you are considering. Does the school have that network for you?

ON EVALUATING ACADEMICS: IF (that's a big "if") you have a sense of what you might like to study in college, take a look at the classes that are offered at the college, not just the department and the majors. The biology department at one college may have a somewhat different focus than the biology department somewhere else. Dig a little deeper to find out more!

The CTCL schools are definitely worth considering. Each one has its own personality and niche, and they are all amazing communities. Check them out through the book (Colleges That Change Lives, by Loren Pope), or on the organization's website (

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