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Is this your student?

Students with Learning Disabilities, on the Autism Spectrum, or who struggle with ADHD or Executive Functioning skills often need to put all of their 12th grade concentration into finishing high school well – no matter how bright they are, or what their transcript looks like.

These same students are frequently anxious for a break from school, but they actually do best with some kind of structure in their lives.

In addition, these young adults can benefit tremendously from focused coaching, in order to improve their executive functioning, social/pragmatic skills, and ability to handle increased independence.

As college-bound adults, these high school graduates need a bridge year that includes a gradual and supported introduction to college level academics.

My Bridge Year Provides…


  • College Planning:

Receive comprehensive advising and support throughout the entire search and application process.


  • Career Development:

Participate in a career exploration program, and/or volunteer in an area of career interest.


  • Meta-cognition:

Learn about your own best ways of learning, and discover executive function strategies that work for you.


  • Plus College Credit!

All students in My Bridge Year will be enrolled in transferable college courses through Landmark College, a global leader in integrated teaching methods for students who learn differently.

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